Why do we always enter text for Insight when I just want to link a company?

  • 6 September 2022
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I am trying to assess the size of an opportunity with MRR. So I have to add companies in the insight section, but I am not allowed to add Companies only? I have all the time to enter a comment… which end up by me typing “+” or “+1”… at the end of the day it s very time consuming and also less readable in terme of UI. 
Anybody find a way to link companies to a feature without the need of entering a comment? 


3 replies

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@Mathias you can add companies to Productboard via the Features board as well.

Within each company are various attributes. For example, you can add MRR as a custom field value on a company and populate that data either from Salesforce or from a one-time import via CSV. Then you can display the aggregated company field to show the ARR or MRR on the Features board when prioritizing.

The value of linking insights and their companies is in being able to segment even more effectively and see the insights and the related importance in the context of your prioritization.

You may find it valuable to catch some of our Productboard training sessions in our Academy to better understand Productboard and the various capabilities in our product. Our weekly office hours can also be worth catching to ask questions.

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IME, just capturing that companies want a specific capability can lead to a confirmation bias trap with no way to understand the detail behind those insights.

It’s better for Product and customer-facing teams to capture actual comments (or summary notes) from company representatives and then link that into Pb as the insight. 

You or someone else on the team may look at those notes at a later date and realize there’s more to the insight that you first realized.


@plainclothes yes I understand your point. But detailed insights are more qualitative value while sometime I just need to have quantitative insight. For some feature, we would go broader than qualitative but still more narrow than our segmentation. I just need to know how many customer (we are a B2B product so it will always between 0 to 3 000) and who are those customers (for this the MRR feature is great). 
We are not using the Product Board portal so for some feature we just have the upvote option, hence also my lack of insight attached to it.