What's your SLA for processing notes?

  • 11 October 2022
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We expect notes to be triaged within two days and processed within a week.

Some product areas get more notes than others, and they tend to get backlogged, so I’m looking for tips on how to make it easier for the product managers to keep up.

Do you have any practices in place to help the product managers stay on top of their incoming notes?

4 replies


What are notes?  We have expectations around emails and slacks that are more team agreements.

SLAs are for things we measure like bugs by priority, vetted and field leadership approved feature enhancement requests (for a response, not a release), etc. 

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I’m referring to notes submitted in Productboard containing a feature request or idea. We set expectations for how long it will take for the contributor to receive a response from the product manager indicating 1. the feature is already being worked on 2. the feature is being considered for the roadmap or 3. none of the above.

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Some tips I can share:

  • Leverage tagging to help them triage like-notes faster (less context switching) and automation to auto assign notes to the right PM or team member.
  • Try to shift away from there being an expectation of a reply/response to the contributor and more towards notes being signals for PMs around customer needs. Getting to inbox zero isn’t always needed here and internal stakeholders can also self-serve on their submitted notes and the roadmap to see what is/isn’t being prioritized or worked on.

Also a few more tips here in our support article on processing notes efficiently.

We also have some capabilities coming soon like Smart Topics (currently in Beta) that will enable teams to see more patterns in their notes and product feedback vs. having to triage every note.


@ccarney we are discussing the same topic at the moment. We want to put 2 SLAs for PMs. 

  • First Response Time: To acknowledge the note received. This is important for us to ensure note submitter feels acknowledged but also it is crucial to capture any missing information without delaying
  • Insight Processing Time: To decide what’s gonna happen with the insight. 

Are you thinking of any other SLAs generally?