What is the most useful part about the the portal?

  • 17 October 2022
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Hello fellow product people! Have you set up/used the Productboard Portal for either internal or customer facing communication?

If so, I would love to know what methods you use to glean insight, gauge interest, or anything else from this feature. For example, we use the portal at my organisation (Semble.io - health tech) to show what traction we have on specific feature development, but we are still experimenting with how best to write the portal card content in an exciting way to engage customers (we don’t have a product marketing function at the moment).

Please do share how you’ve found success (and any lessons learned!) with this part of Productboard.

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Hi @Parveen Downer you might find some inspiration in these examples: 

And even our own Productboard portal.

We also have some best practices in our academy on-demand content that may help.