Using Discord nicknames instead of emails

  • 14 March 2023
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In one of the companies I work with we have a community on discord. We collect neither their full names nor email addresses. This is web3/crypto world.

We would like to take full benefit of Portal. I am wondering if it would be possible to use discord nicknames instead of email for authentication in Portal.

Has anyone tried to use anything but email there?


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3 replies

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@konrad1221 at this time it’s not possible to use Discord nicknames to authenticate on the portal, but let me share that with our team. It’s an interesting use case.

You can get feedback into Productboard with an External ID for new notes created though.


thanks Scott. I tried to set the External ID, but for some reason those were blocked. I will make sure to use work around it.

I can see some issues in regards to how this Discord signin could be messed up, though, I trust you can make it work. I am happy to provide more in-depth feedback once you start research on it.

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You can’t set the external ID for the portal, but you should be able to pass in the external ID (in this case the discord nickname) if sending feedback to Productboard via our API. What issue did you run into specifically?