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  • 14 June 2022
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We have the Salesforce integration configured and are importing all closed notes. I have a few questions that people may have found work-arounds for or can help with my understanding.

Q1 - We have multiple fields in sales force that are used to track values, i.e. we have a recurring revenue amount and a transition charge. Is it possible to utilise both amounts from within Productboard, currently we are mapping the recurring revenue charge to the opportunity amount is there a way we can also automatically add up the transition charge?

Q2 - We sell multiple services at the same time, and get are getting a single recurring revenue figure imported. What actually happens to the opportunity value when it is associated with multiple products? I am trying to understand if we get a value of £25,000 as an opportunity value and then from the insights panel associate that note to three different services what happens to that £25,000 figure is it fully associated with a single service or spread across all the services, if it does only select a single service which one does it select? if it is spread across all the services, does it spread the cost equally?

Q3 - Is it possible to associate any of the additional fields that come in from Salesforce to custom fields?




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Hi Darren,

Q1 - Opportunity value can be mapped only to one SF field. Do you want to have more opportunity values in PB or would you like to aggregate more fields from SF to PB opportunity value?

Q2 - Opportunity value (25.000) is not spreaded, it’s fully calculated in every Product you assiciate it.

Q3 - You can associate SF Account attributes to PB Company custom fields. What type of association are you looking for?

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Hi @Linda,

Thank you for your response. In answer to some of the follow up questions you raised:

Q1 - Yes we have multiple opportunity value fields in Salesforce that we would like to track in Productboard for example our services provide recurring revenue (which is mapped currently to opportunity value in productboard), but we also have transitions charges which are a one off payment, or hardware sales again a one off payment, so we would ideally like to be able to track all three values in Productboard (i.e. three different values in PB).

Q2 - Thank you, I may have to think of another solution here then as we are now double counting the same figures across our products and services

Q3 - I was referring to the custom fields we import through the notes not against the company fields, I was hoping to see if I could track what sellers and sales teams were selling to which customer segments, but I am not sure thats possible without a lot of manual tag creation.

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Hi @darren.smith 

Thank you for your answers, I will add your problems to our backlog.
About Q3: if I understand it correctly that you import opportunities from SF to PB opportunity notes and there are couple of attributes in there and you would like to create segments based on that attribute. So if you could have a structured note in PB based on these attributes and you could filter them in the Company segmentation would it solve your need?