Does anyone know of a video tutorial showing how to edit what fields are sent from Salesforce to Productboard? I’m new to this so feeling a bit overwhelmed. 😅 We have data from some tools coming in as Insights, but I wonder if the integrations are broken because it doesn’t seem like anything new has come through as an Insight in over a month. 

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Hi @Hannah ODonnell I’ve moved your post to a new topic, rather than the one you’d replied to.

Overall, the Salesforce fields that are sync’d are setup by your admin when they create the integration. You’ll find these bottom left in Productboard under the Integrations menu, then Salesforce.

Tagging your CSM @Joy Keatinge and Solution Architect @jeremyscott as well -- they should be able to help you get this setup correctly and working as you expect.


Amazing, thank you @scott.baldwin !!! 😊  We are hoping to improve our process for sales reps submitting feature requests to the product team. I might actually be able to use the PB Chrome Extension to link to Insights from Salesforce Opportunities. I’ll take a look at the integration settings and follow up later with Jeremy and Joy! Thanks again! 


Hi @Hannah ODonnell!

First things first: in order to change any Salesforce integration settings, you’ll need to be a Maker with Admin access.


That said, the Salesforce integration functions two ways - bringing in closed opportunities as notes as well as importing accounts as Productboard companies. For bringing in closed opportunities as notes, see this help article. For importing companies, this help article is your best bet. Managing fields for both processes exist in the same integration settings.


I’ll be sending a follow-up email with additional information - stay tuned!


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@Hannah ODonnell in terms of how to set it up I think Scott and Jeremy covered it well. But in terms of how to best capture feedback from reps we don’t just rely on Opportunities, at the moment we sync all closed lost Opportunities and particular fields such as closed lost reason, we also give reps access to a portal specifically designed for internal use where reps can submit ideas as well as dedicated Product slack channels where we can sync any feature requests that come up. I think for you to get the best out of how to capture feature request you should have multiple avenues available