Recording stories in Productboard

  • 2 October 2022
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I record user stories on a per interaction basis i.e if a customer mentions an opportunity 5 times in one meeting, I’ll put it into Productboard as one instance/mention of that opportunity. Do folks here approach this differently? If yes, why?

4 replies

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Hi @dami,

Our best practices with insights are to add them as you hear or encounter them. That may come from one meeting or interaction or many. We don’t suggest waiting for X or more mentions as that can bias things or cause those one-off learnings from making it in. I can see times where learning from a single customer/user it’s fine to mention it just once. The other advantage of collecting all of them is that you’ll have a solid list of customers to go back to when it’s time to validate your problem and solution. 

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This is how we are using PB, too. I’d be interested to know if anyone uses it differently and how it works for them!


Thanks @scott.baldwin… for the answer and for so expertly facilitating during Tuesday’s Product Excellence Summit!

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Ah shucks, thanks so much for the great feedback and glad you were able to catch the “vessel” and the event.