Questions on architectural runway / enabler features

  • 22 June 2022
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In a team with multiple POs, who owns the architectural runway / enablers features?

If your feature board is setup around JTBD by users /customers, whsere an how to add architectural runway / enabler features?

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3 replies


Great question - I am interested in answers to this as well!  On our side, all of the spikes/enablers/tasks related to our features/sub-features are broken out within Azure DevOps (not in Productboard).    

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Usually these are held by a core product team. That group will manage their work in a separate product organized by the JTBD they work on enabling.

Since others can be dependent on those enablers, our dependencies feature can allow you to also display those relationships on your roadmap as well. 


Thanks for the response, as PO's we are a self managing team, hence we will jointly need to take responsibility in capturing them as ideas / insights from the various sources and to turn them in to features and estimate them, so we know how much capacity / budget to allocate, which likely is more than our 30% maintenance capacity to handle technical debt. 

Even questionable if enablers are directly related to fixing technical debt, as they might be fixing tech debt in a different way that technical debt would be resolved, where we don't enable things on our runway.