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  • 21 December 2022
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Post Integration + Web Hook Set Up

How do I … manage/filter notifications related to a Specific Product/Feature? (Swimlane on Roadmap)
To... a Product Specific Slack Channel. 

I’ve managed to link the Slack channel using the Article below, but I’m concerned it may flow ALL updates company wide to 1 channel. This article shows how to set up the integration but I can’t find information about how to USE the integration post-set up. 




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@Ryan Fetterly the Slack notification feed sends a notification for all workspace changes and cannot be filtered. These changes include the following:

  • New products, components, features, and subfeatures
  • New user
  • New company
  • New objective
  • New release
  • New comments on features/notes

The in-app and email notifications can help you keep an eye on specific features where you are either the owner or a follower. These cannot be pushed to Slack currently.

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Can you help me better understand the notification needs you have? It sounds like you want to broadly or specifically define the notification conditions and also the destination where you receive those notifications.


Use Case: Internal Tool (Using Product/Feature/SubFeatures)

Why Filter: Company develops both internal, B2B and B2C Products. I want to only display internal product changes/updates to Customer Support Managers, to a specific slack channel. 

Where to: The Internal tool has a slack channel… Value saves time & automates updating stakeholders internally.

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Thanks @Ryan Fetterly, shared with our product team.


Interested in this ability to configure specific rules for notifications to Slack.  The key use case we are looking for is only sending notifications of features based on changes to specific statuses.

Features in PB are not ready for wider consumption in our org until we’ve added definition, so notifications as soon as a new feature is created do more harm than good (Colleagues jump into PB to see the new feature and its blank/ sparse so they don’t come back again)

When we are ready to advise rest of the company to come take a look, or perform then its by setting a status of that feature.  Eg Discovery Complete => Enough information for Marketing and Ops to know something could be in the works soon.
Development Complete => Marketing and Ops to get their training and materials ready as release coming soonish

That is all we need for filtering of features


the other notifications are liekly useful

  • Comments on notes / features
  • New Releases

    But Would also like to turn off notifications for updates completely on:
  • New Companies.  We manage companies in Hubspot and our app itself.  Saying a #new’ company is added to Product board is just noise
  • Ditto for Users

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Thanks for sharing @Mark McP - will pass that along to our product team.

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Maybe this can be achieve using Zapier's Webhook & filtering function?

Send the webhook to Zapier, create a filter to only continue if it contains certain keywords?

Then Zapier posts to Slack.

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Possibly. Would require some exploration depending on the examples could also require multiple webhook calls: has the details if anyone wants to explore.


Has anyone progressed further with this? I have the Slack<>Productboard integration setup and I’m interested in exploring how to push updates from Productboard to Slack without sending all updates


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@Grainnebabbel I’m not aware of anyone in this thread that has explored options. Depending on what you’re specifically trying to do, as @andyjohansson noted something may be possible technically, but this is not something we are currently investigating or pursuing. Can you expand on your needs here? I’d be happy to share them with our product team.


Thanks @scott.baldwin I’ll pass on @andyjohansson’s tip and see if that works for us.


In my company, we’re trying to push Roadmaps into slack via a push notification. So we’re trying to create a kind of release and comms cadence where people don’t have to double report on roadmaps

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Thanks @Grainnebabbel, will pass that along to our team.