Productboard and Dovetail

  • 16 June 2022
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Our UX team recently showed me how they are using the tool Dovetail, and I thought there was a lot of potential to connect that work to Productboard! Any connections to Dovetail in the works to help facilitate UX-PM collaboration? :) 

2 replies

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Hi @jrmatthews,

Moved this over to it’s own topic (hope you don’t mind).

Unfortunately at this time Dovetail does not have an API or way to create integrations, so there aren’t a lot of options here.

They do support Zapier, and some teams use that to connect Dovetail Insights to Productboard Notes which can then be turned into Productboard insights to help inform your team’s prioritization.

Hope that helps.

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Would also be curious to hear what exactly your UX-PM collaboration might look like between these two tools should integration options become available in the future. What would your UX team want to get to or from Productboard via an integration? What use cases or points in their work would they like to solve for?