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  • 17 November 2022
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Hello lovely product makers community!


I’ve recently started using the product portal internally as well as exposing it to clients (behind a login in our product). 

I would love to know how you use the product portal in your company (process) to glean new insights and how you use information gathered from the portal to prioritise new features. 

Do you only show items you are certain will be released soon? Do you have a voting system for users to choose what the teams should work on next?

For context, I am experimenting with who our roadmap is exposed to and what content to put in it (at this stage, only things we are know with certainty are coming).


So, how do you use the product portal?

2 replies

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In Productboard’s portal we show a mix of key areas of focus and problems we’re solving, things we’re considering, and items in beta and released.

Like all feedback we get, it helps us form an understanding of the user needs our customers and stakeholders have, but when it comes to prioritization, that’s also tied into our product vision and strategy and the target customer we’re trying to serve. I’d strongly avoid making votes = what the team should work on next (you can read more in our article How feature voting forums failed us that @winston wrote some time ago).

It is worth thinking about the audience, but you can also have different portals for different audiences. For example, you might use one externally with your customers and one internally for other teams.

You might find some inspiration in our list of favourite portals and how some of those customers have approached setting their portal up. But also know it’s flexible to be used in various ways.

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Thanks @scott.baldwin - this list of portals is a treasure trove!