Problem with syncing jira fix version in jira integration

  • 8 November 2022
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We integrated our jira instance with productboard instance and syncing the jira fix-version with product board release group called Releases (Default release group).


When jira fix-version and productboard releases are syncing?

Assuming Jira ticket is linked with productboard feature

  • When I link new release to productboard feature from productboard. I see new fix-version is created and linked to jira ticket.
    Linking productboard release to productboard feature which is linked to jira ticket


  • Similarly, when I add new fix-version to linked jira ticket from jira. I see new release is created and added to productboard feature.
    Linking jira fix-version to jira ticket which is linked to productboard feature


When jira fix-version and productboard releases are not syncing?

  • When I create productboard release from release tab. I am unable to see the same fix-version in the Jira.
    productboard release from release tab


  • Similarly, when I create the fix-version from Releases tab in Jira. I am unable to see the same Release in productboard releases
    jira fix-version under release tab in jira


  • Initially, we are able to see all the jira fix-versions in productboard releases even-though they are not linked to any productboard feature (Still we are seeing old fix-versions in productboard release tab even-though they are not linked to any productboard feature).

Few Observers:

  • There is no connectivity issue between Jira and productboard.
  • I see Releases group which is syncing with jira fix-version in both active and archived sections
    Release group in both active and archived sections

Please correct me If I miss anything and let me know if you need any further information.


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Hi @mohansaiteki this will be best addressed working with our support team. I’ll open a ticket for you from here and they should be able to loop back and help you.


Thank you @scott.baldwin 

@mohansaiteki I am currently reviewing the ticket in my Zendesk and will get back to you shortly