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  • 28 June 2022
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(Sorry, I’m not sure if this is the best category for this question)

I’m building an API bridge between productboard and ClickUp using Rails. I’ve made a fair bit of progress since my last message here, but have stumbled upon another potential issue, which I’d like some advice on, please.

Reviewing the API documentation, I see that it used to supply the feature description as markdown, but at some point last year this got changed to HTML.

Does anyone know why?

This is causing some issues for me, as ClickUp will only accept plan text or markdown for descriptions, which means I need to convert the HTML from productboard into markdown if I want to keep my formatting. I have the ability to do that via some gems (Kramdown being the one I’ve tried thus far), but the results are less than ideal, with some of the formatting being off.

Has anyone else had an issue like this, and do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to resolve it? Thanks.


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Hi @Daniel Hollands,

For now I think the option is as you stated for there to be a conversion.

Let me see if I can find you an answer to this from our engineering team. It’s likely tied to our current editor and possible that future changes may address this.

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@Daniel Hollands

I looped back with our team and the recommendation would be for you to implement the HTML to MD conversion on your side.

Given Markdown’s multiple competing standards and our current editor supporting HTML first and foremost (which is easy to define using XML schema) that would be the best approach. They don’t have particular advice as to how to resolve this, but given the limited subset of HTML supported in our editor, it should be possible to resolve.

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Hey @Daniel Hollands - I'm curious if that worked for you and if you were able to build the integration :) 


Hi @ligiaaugusto - I’ve had some success, but I’m still not complete.


I’ve mostly built the ability to send data from PB into CU (via a bridge built using Rails), but it’s not fully stable yet, and I’ve not even started on the reverse (sending status updates from CU back into PB).


I know ClickUp integration is on the horizon for PB, I don’t suppose we know when that might happen, do we? I would love nothing more than to not need to build this myself 😅

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Hi @Daniel Hollands. A ClickUp integration is currently under consideration in our product Portal. Feel free to add your feedback directly on the card! 

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got it, thanks for sharing @Daniel Hollands
One of my customers was asking if I knew anyone that was able to create one using APIs :) 
Yeah, I know it's one of the integrations we are considering, but no concrete dates as far as I can tell - I'll push more feedback to increase the user impact score 😉