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  • 21 September 2022
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Ability to mark some fields required including custom fields. 

Having a process in place for how your team works is great but sometimes you need something to enforce some processes. Would be cool to allow customers to set which fields are required when creating features. e.g. i sometimes find features with just title no context or missing drivers etc.

I do get that sometimes it is discipline and coaching. e,g, i tell my team just add a note if things are just in your head still instead of creating a feature and we worry about it in triage later. Yet you can’t control human error :) 

Food for thought ^ 

5 replies

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Nice suggestion @Samkay, happy to share with our product team.

One question, would your team have all those inputs right away when creating a feature?

Just thinking out loud, but often a feature is created by teams to hold some emerging learnings or an idea that they want to capture. They often aren’t yet in a place where they’d know the prioritization, or the objective to be linked to. Wondering if a mix of field sharing settings and associating fields to products could help here, and ensure just what certain roles need to see is visible and top of mind to add.

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@scott.baldwin good questions. Like you mentioned PMs might wanna do a quick brain dump before anything is properly captured, so maybe when in Idea state things can be lose but when they move to the next stage then maybe make PMs set certain fields.


  • When moving from idea to candidate I would like the team to set an Objective or a driver
  • Or when they move it to delivery i need a release set or some custom field for eng lead set etc.

Not sure how field sharing settings and product associated fields help here as what I am talking about is more validation of certain things that need to be set before moving to the next stage. Hope this helps


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Super helpful. Thanks for expanding on your thinking @Samkay 

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One of my intended outcomes is to be able to create views of the data requirements a PB Feature should have as the Feature moves through our workflow. Where we can actually show which Features are in Step X but missing key information details - similar to the documentation below.


Good luck, Leah

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thanks @Leah Picone we actually follow that as well :) thx again