Keeping tech debt within PB or Jira

  • 19 October 2022
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I’m curious how other product managers deal with tech debt in Productboard. 

Current situation: 

Devs are adding tech debt to Jira. They create Epics with stories, bugs and tasks. I want to keep a backlog at one place and not in Jira and in Productboard. So I try to get everything in Productboard. but there is no distinction between stories, bugs and tasks. So everything is same subfeature when imported.. Also priority isn’t imported, since priority is a standardized field in Jira and can’t be mapped.


How do you guys solve this? 

Do you keep it in Jira? or do you have workaround for it? 

I’m also curious where you guys store your techdebt. Do you store it in Productboard or in Jira? And how do you overcome keeping backlog in 2 places? 

1 reply

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I’ll chime in, since others haven’t yet. Generally I’d say this is a “it depends”. I’ve worked in companies where stuff was kept in both tools and places where it was in just Productboard or just JIRA. And it also can vary based on who makes the decision about when to address tech debt and how it is addressed.

First, bug-wise I’d say those are best going directly into JIRA and being dealt with as part of your sprint cycles. These don’t need to be in Productboard.

Second, regarding tech debt:

  • If Engineering handles their own tech debt, determines when to work on it, then JIRA may be fine. They can likely prioritize on severity/impact or other factors and you can leave space in the context of your sprints or cycles to allow for tech debt to be addressed.
  • If your product team is involved or owns tech debt, then it may make sense to house in Productboard, perhaps in a separate product, where your team can prioritize alongside other work.

In short, Productboard is flexible and can work in either scenario. It’s really an internal decision around what’s best.