Is there any way to aggregate/roll up custom field?

  • 19 October 2022
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Is there any way to aggregate/roll up custom field values to higher level in hierarchy. 

For example we track no of votes for feature requests (manually) and would like to see how many votes in total there are for component which group those FRs. 


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Hi @EdytaKucharska,

There isn’t. But curious as to why you’re tracking number o votes for feature requests manually vs. leveraging the user impact score from attached notes which do roll up at each level.


Hello @scott.baldwin !


Thank you for prompt response! 

Our use case is a bit more complex. 

So, we use Discourse application as our dev community forum and developers can raise feature requests there. Others can vote on those FRs. 

The out of the box integration with PB does not migrate number of votes and creates separate note in PB for every single comment in FR thread in Discourse. I assume that is due to limitation of PB Notes API. 

Therefore, we would like create some custom integration which is actually creating new feature in PB and copy+update number of votes for that FR (in custom field in PB).  

If Product Manager move multiple FRs to their component, we would like to know the total number of votes aggregated on component level. 





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Thanks for the additional context @EdytaKucharska

I’m a bit confused as we don’t have an integration with Discourse.

You could certainly build something that would create new features using our Features API, but that would quickly get noisy and cause your product backlog to be quite the mess quickly.

The better path here would be for each request to generate a note on the Insights board (using our Notes API or you could also use Zapier), then for those notes to be attached to the relevant features and the User Impact Score used to identify the importance of items in your product backlog. Then in-turn your team would determine what features to expose on the portal that you are considering and your community can go there to share their comments and the importance which in-turn will be attached to the relevant feature and increment the user impact score as well.

And I can certainly pass along the request to have some sort of way to roll up custom fields that are numbers for our PMs to consider in the future.


@scott.baldwin I think being able to aggregate fields apart from the company fields is a necessity. We want to sum up effort from the sub-features of a feature for example, or some of our teams want to create custom fields and use these custom fields to roll up in the hierarchy (story points). Is there anything like this on the roadmap?

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@dogucanb happy to share your feedback with our product team. There are no immediate plans in this area.