Is it possible to track subfeature duration on a high-level objective roadmap?

  • 24 October 2022
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Recently, I found really useful “Duration subfeatures” option on Timeline features roadmap, because it helps to track exact date for different development stages. 

However, I’ve noticed that some of product teams in my company use High-Level objective roadmap to be able to sort roadmap based on Objectivs and use it this type to present features and subfeatures as well. Unfortunately, as far as I understood from the recent update about subfeatures, using “subfeature duration” is only possible on features roadmap. 

Does anyone have similar observation or do you miss subfeatures duration on objective roadmap?

I would love to see this 1% improvement :) 

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7 replies

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@OKRs_fun You’re correct in that you can only change the duration on a features timeline roadmap, but not on other roadmap types yet. Let me check in with our team and see where they are at with expanding the capabilities of sub-features.

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Hello @OKRs_fun

Do I understand it correctly, that you want to see 3 levels of entities in Time - e.g. Objectives, features and subfeatures? Can you tell me a bit more about this use case and how would your teams use this roadmap?



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Hi @Eva Novotna,

You’re correct. Based on conversations with other PMs we are looking for an Objective roadmap where we can show exact time duration on subfeature level. 


  1. Dev Team wants to know how their work contributes to a certain objective - it is easier to show on Objective roadmap than on features timeline roadmap. Similar situation is about planned experiments. The more specific we can be the better.
  2. PM wants to present Directors what he/she planned for each Objective example Initative X with 3 AB experiments with clear (duration) timeline for each of them. 


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Following this, I’m also keen to learn more!

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Hi @OKRs_fun,

Thanks a lot for the context, very helpful. We are looking into different roadmap enhancements for 2023 and this is something we are considering as well. :) 

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Hello @OKRs_fun 
Actually, I’ve just talked to my designer and we have one more question: For the visualization purpose, is it important for you to see the objectives in the time context? Or for example, if we had objective swimlanes, would that work for you too?

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A really good question @Eva Novotna .

In short - absolutely yes :) IMO it is super important to show teams how they contribute to OKRs = outcomes instead of focusing only on delivering initiatives without understanding a bigger context.


Maybe a bit out of the scope of this conversation, but related to objectives. Yesterday we were presenting new new visualization of 2023 roadmap and that was one of the questions we got: 

Can we have 2-3 quarters objectives but with different KRs, meaning different goals per each quarter?

AFAIK, as the KR don’t have option to add timeline it is impossible. Maybe you can answer this question or sent to someone who is working on OKRs ;) 

cc @BeataKupiec @Juan Sanchez Martinez