Is anyone tracking "sold commitments" to customers at the feature level and using this to prioritize their backlog?

  • 19 January 2023
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SaaS companies who are scaling up may get bigger clients by selling features in contracts. These are hard to track as a normal insight in productboard since they carry more weight and have a date associated with them.

It would be nice to:

  • Have the “sold commitment” field add weight to the feature impact score
  • Be able to visualize all the customers, their sold features and their commitment dates on a board.

Anyone else dealing with this? If so, how are you doing it?

3 replies

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I did this with an early stage product spin-off a few years ago. It’s sort of a “sell it first, build it later” scenario.

To track progress against the commitment I had a few things in place.

  1. Capture every insight that relates to what the ultimate capability will be, not just the committed customer’s insight. That’s where the priority weight comes from.
  2. Set an objective that addresses the strategic opportunity (which should have been there before you sold it … but you know how that goes). This helps drive your weighting also.
  3. Connect all your insights to the feature(s) or component that describes the new capability and map that to the objective.
  4. Add milestones for the committed dates and describe how they connect to the ultimate objective.

With that simple structure in place, I had a good way to stay on top of where we were and a base to iterate my strategy on. I also had a program manager on the job who helped with accountability on all the cross-departmental dependencies -- you really don’t want to miss anything on customer commitments like that!


Thank you, thats exactly the answer I was looking for!

The program manager role is also key for the cross functional coordination. Was this person also doing product ops or just managing client’s requests?

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In the case I described, the program manager was a general resource across the org. She was assigned primarily to my major feature and new product launches and helped with all the operational coordination and keeping everyone honest. In that role, I was creating the products ops processes in anticipation of a ProdOps hire that came along a year or so later.