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  • 28 January 2023
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Hello Makers community, after reading messages in community, checking support documentation and academy recordings, I can not find my answer so it is time to ask help!

I would like to provide some statuses of feedback and insights for each release globally: how many insights we delivered in this specific release? These are linked to features obviously and we can have KPI of features released but how to access easily and visually of insights delivered?
I could have the same question and need by customers too: how many insights we delivered for this particular release related to this customer?

Thanks for your help!


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9 replies

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@Myriam Breton thanks for sharing.

Today this isn’t possible in Productboard.

At the release level you can see the associated features that are part of the release as well as their linked insights (which you can see in the Feature detail along with the number of linked insights) and you can similarly drill into our Reports > Efficiency report and see the feature breakdown by status and the linked insights), but there isn’t a report available that captures the details you’ve noted.

At the customer level, the customer board can provide you with details on the status and the features delivered, but this is not filterable by release. An option here would be to filter either on the Features board or on the Roadmap by customer (and potentially status or release) to see what features have been delivered for a particular customer).

Can you share some more insights into why this would be valuable for you and/or others on your team?

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Hi Scott,
Thanks for the answer! No surprise to me that this information was not available :) As I played with feature, roadmap and customer boards, I do not see it.

This information (having a view or a report to know which feedback have been released) will be crucial because we have to follow-up globally the insights (insights management): giving an update to the product team or executive (from product or customer facing team) or in front of a group of customers like a Customer Advisory Board. 
This will help to provide visibility & transparency easily: showing we are taking account the feedback.
We can see it as an enhancement system where we need KPI, dashboard for providing info: all ticketing system are doing that. 

This release, we delivered X features coming X from  insights from these X customers.



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Thanks for expanding on the details. I’ll share this with our product team.

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Joining this a little late, but this is also driving me nuts. I really need to feed feature status and linked customer information it our data warehouse so that we can help bring visibility to our field and support teams.  We have views that our customer success teams use to look at the whole health of an account, the features and bugs they are waiting on, and the customer’s level of engagement.

Right now the method is to manually visit a website, get an email, visit another website, download a CSV, then manually process those CSVs so that they are useful.  

It’s a big gap in getting contributors to give us feedback in Productboard because they don’t feel like they can get visibility back out.

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Appreciate you sharing that insight @Andy Nortrup, I will pass it along to our product team.

Our Customer board can give you some of this visibility to you as well as your field and support teams showing them an overview of a customer’s outstanding requests and their product statuses, but doesn’t yet integrate with a data warehouse. Have you tried that option out?


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The two problems with that:
1. I don’t want to make these folks leave their workflow and come to Productboard. It might be OK if I could give them a link from their external system (Salesforce or PowerBI). But because I can’t know what the customer ID in the URL of the Customer Board, I can’t link them directly.  So I have to ask them to open product board an manually navigate to the page.  
2. I want to bring data from ProductBoard into our other views.  Can I use information in ProductBoard to help better quantify churn risk or customer satisfaction? Can I add the data to a customer dashboard?

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Totally understand your desire to keep them in their workflow, was more curious as to whether than could be a possible workaround. Ultimately if your team can get the answers they need, they may be willing to shift their workflows temporarily until such time we can support your desired end state.

That said, have passed these details along to our team and appreciate you sharing them with us.

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I can try to make them go to Productboard, but ProductBoard doesn’t make that easy.  I don’t have any way to help them navigate directly to the information that they want. Which means there are lots of opportunities for them to get lost. 

I can’t give them a direct link to this: /customer-board/afa54f6e-4559-4a9b-829a-18fa85b751a4/organizations/20971297

Because I have no way to lookup or deterministically know what those numeric IDs are. I don’t have a customer API to look it up with. So my instructions are:

  1. Go to Productboard Customers
  2. Search for your customer name
  3. Hope that we spelled it the same as you are looking for it.
  4. Interpret the information there.

It’s a lot of jumps. 

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Yes, aware of those gaps currently. Some future changes will help resolve that.