Impossible to move existing release to a newly created release group?

  • 6 July 2022
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We upgraded to a higher PB plan and have now access to the ‘release group function’. As I’m handling 3 products in PB, they all have different release naming and planning. We used to go crazy on filters, for our feature view and roadmap view, in order to only show the ones that belong to each product.

Now I’d like to have one release group per product and move my existing releases where they belong... but I couldn’t figure out if this is possible.

Thank you

To be very clear in the below example, I need to move the 3 releases for the SMS product into the SMS release bucket.




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@bohnseb unfortunately, your only option here would be to create the new release and bulk move the associated features/subfeatures from the old release to the new release, then get rid of the old release.

You’ll want to make sure you enable all statuses, including those that are hidden so you capture all the features tied to the old releases.