How to show prioritized subfeatures on a roadmap?

  • 11 January 2023
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Hi all,

I’m a new Productboard user, and I’m having trouble visualizing something on our feature timeline roadmap. Here’s my issue:

  • We have a main feature, let’s call it Feature A
  • Based on feedback we have received from customers (and categorized in Productboard!), this feature has 3 subfeatures: A1, A2, and A3
  • We have decided to spend time working on Feature A from Feb 1 to March 1. I have added Feature A to our feature timeline roadmap for those dates
  • HOWEVER -- During that period, we only plan to work on subfeatures A1 and A2. Subfeature A3 will NOT be worked on
  • After working on something other things for a while, we plan to return to Feature A in June, and will work on A3 at that time.

What is the best way to show this plan on our feature roadmap? I don’t think I’m able to add Feature A to the roadmap more than once, nor am I able to add subfeatures directly to the roadmap.




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Hey @mwinters,

If I’m understanding correctly, you want something like this shown on a timeline roadmap:

To get to this:

  • I set the timeframe on Feature A to Feb and March
  • For each sub-feature I also indicated the timeframes (these can also be adjusted directly on the roadmap by dragging the ends of the timelines)
  • You’ll see here that sub feature 3 is happening in June, but that Feature A doesn’t extend all the way to there -- so you can drag the timeline for Feature A to run all the way to June or not.

In the roadmap settings for the timeline roadmap, you’ll see an option for Feature and Sub-feature visualization options, possible you have that set to None (which would show no sub-features), or have things collapsed which isn't displaying the sub-features.


Let me know if that helps.


Thanks so much Scott, this is exactly what I needed. I didn’t realize that I could edit subfeature vizualization in the settings.

I really appreciate the quick response!

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I had this same question! Out of curiosity, what level plan do you need to be on for this level of visualisation?

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@Parveen Downer as far as I’m aware, outside of our starter plan (which doesn’t support a timeline roadmap) you should be able to do this on any plan.