How to show a roadmap with different teams working on feature and subfeatures

  • 2 June 2022
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Hey there,

While developing we often have a case of one team leading the development of a feature but other teams work on specific subfeatures.

So we would love to create a roadmap which clearly presents which team works on what product element. But when I build for instance features timeline roadmap and add teams as swimlanes everything gets nested under the swimlane of the team assigned to a feature. So is there a way to split this?

Thanks in advance! 😊



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4 replies

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@Jovana currently the behaviour is as you stated, where if you are grouping swimlanes by a custom field (such as a team) is tied to the feature. What you could do skip is the swimlanes, show everything the  teams are working on, then filter by the specific team using the dropdown filter, then save views of each roadmap by team. You can also do the same on a Features board.


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Hey @scott.baldwin that’s a good suggestion but even filtering doesn’t give 100% accurate picture.

For example, if Team 1 is assigned to Feature A and Team 2 is assigned to Subfeature A.1 and Subfeature A.2 when I filter roadmap by Team 2 I still see Feature A (as subfeatures are nested under it) 😐

Could this be added as a feature request to Productboard? Thanks!

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@Jovana 🤔 that’s not the results that I get.

Here’s a little video, showing these filters in-action using a drop down value for each team.

p.s. I’ve already captured your feedback and shared it with our team.

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Yes, that’s exactly the result I tried to describe, we’re on the same page. 😁

But what I’d need is just to present i.e. subfeatures team is working on, without the feature they are nested under (and which is assigned to another team).

Nevertheless, thank you for sending my request to PB Product team.