How to notify contributors when features are released for their notes?

  • 24 February 2023
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Let’s say a CSM submits a note in September for a feature that Customer X needs, and our PM links it as an insight for a feature. Then nine months later we release the feature (and meanwhile the CSM has forgotten about it). I would like to notify the CSM that the thing she wanted is available. 

I know there’s a feature in the portal where you can contact the customers who requested a feature, but how about the internal user who logged the note? Is there a way to do this without crawling thru all the insights on the feature?

If the CSM has followed the feature she will get a notification when the status changed, but what if she didn’t? 


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@ccarney unless they follow the feature they won’t be notified when the feature is launched. In these cases it’s not the CSM’s feature needs, but the customer’s needs, so portal card updates are the typical path here for notifying those with linked insights. The Customer Board too can be an option where a CSM can track the state of things per customer or per user (Scale and Enterprise plans only). And if your CS team uses Gainsight PX, our recently launched integration there can provide update for CSMs.

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@ccarney I echo what @scott.baldwin says, have the CSM ‘follow’ the feature/component/subfeature and they should get a notification when the feature changes status. I also take the extra step of tagging them in comments on the feature in productboard, but also doing a specific mention in sprint review to say ‘so and so gave us great insight on the customer needs here, thank you! It’s helped us build X feature’.

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Thanks @scott.baldwin and @Parveen Downer. Tagging the users in the comments on the feature is perfect, actually. 

I also like that you call out the contributors during sprint review. Our product managers do a monthly roadmap briefing with stakeholders, so that would be a good time for call-outs.