How do you visualize tasks on roadmaps

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello! I am new to Productboard and hoping for ideas on how best to visualize Tasks on Roadmaps (for example, updating User Guides, training materials etc.). I’ve seen that the Feature Board has Task options but it does not seem like this translates to Roadmaps. Has anyone been able to visualize Task items on Timeline based Roadmaps?


Thank you!!


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3 replies

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Hi @Paola Pariente-Knapp,

Generally most folks don’t represent tasks on their roadmaps, they’ll cover those using columns on their feature board. If you absolutely need to have them visible on roadmaps, I’d suggest using sub-features tied to a particular feature to capture those. In-turn you can also then track progress.

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Interesting question!

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What Scott said. Use the feature board and just stick with high-level categories of tasks.

If you try to manage tasks in any actionable detail within Pb it gets sort of cumbersome. Not that the feature isn’t good, it’s just sort of out of context for day-to-day project management work.

To that end, I usually coerce some integration between the roadmap and a project management tool like Jira, Smartsheets, or even a good ol’ spreadsheet.