How do you tailor views/roadmaps to various consumers?

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One of our PMs recently suggested the following motivations for potential consumers of our Productboard feature board views and roadmaps.

What do you think? How would you fill in the blanks? How would you implement these needs as views in Productboard? 

  • As product leadership: I want to know the roadmap items and its status across all domains in one place.

  • As an individual product manager: I want to know what is planned in other domains over the next couple quarters, and want to check if there is anything that relates to / has impact on my projects.

  • As an engineering manager: I want to .. (???)

  • As product marketing team: We want to know what new feature will be available in the next month in what maturity level, and want to know the overview of those features, in a single place, without bugging product managers.

  • As a CFDS/Support Engineer/AI Engineer/CSM: I want to see my feedback and the feedback I am hearing from our users are listened by Product and are incorporated into product planning.

  • As XXX: I want to

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