How can the field release be sync'd to a sprint in Jira?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi there,

we are looking for a possibility to synch the RELEASE from Productboard to a specific sprint in the jira backlog. 

In Productboard is no field “sprint” and the only similar option is “release”. This field usually maps with “fix version” in jira, but not every project or product has a fix version. It would be ideal if this field could map with a sprint in jira.

F.e. in Productboard the release is “S 12, 19.01.”

Means, the ticket is for sprint 12 which is already scheduled in jira:

However, the ticket would only be mapped to a fix version, but a fix version in jira is also not really connected to a sprint. 

Has anyone an idea how a ticket could be added to an existing sprint in jira without our PO is doing it manually? And vice versa, if a ticket is not ready for deployment and will be removed out of the current sprints and moves to the following one, this should be reflected in product board.


Another question would be, how a ticket could be added to a sprint which is not created yet and creates a new sprint?


Thanks a lot for you help!



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Hi @Anja Eigner,

You cannot map a Productboard release to a sprint in JIRA. These can only be mapped to fix versions.

Tagging @Jaroslav_Tran on our PM team in case he has anything additional to share here or insights he’d like to uncover about your needs.

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any update on this considering this is a major part in how PMs plan and sync it to Jira 


I am also struggling with this item as it requires extensive manual intervention to sync up our sprints and releases (fixes) separately.  And as items may shift around in Jira, our day-to-day working tool, there is no way to keep PB in sync with those changes.  

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Hey @Samkay @sueoconnor1 @Anja Eigner 

We don’t have plans to support Jira Sprints Sync in H1. Instead, we will be introducing Jira Maker (Push, Link) Workflow improvements in H1. 

I will note your names down and reach out once we start looking into it. 

Thank you for your feedback! 

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Just found this discussion and I am another user who would get value out of syncing Releases in PB to Sprint in JIRA. Is this on the Portal yet? 😀


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Thanks @bchia will pass that interest along to our product team. As noted previously we don’t have any immediate plans to work on this so it’s not on our portal.