How can I set the user's name to a Note trough custom fields API?

  • 4 August 2022
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Is there a way that I can set the user’s name when creating a note using the Custom Fields API? 

We are using the notes-api to create a note on behalf of an identified user. Putting the user’s email address into the user object creates a user in Productboard, but I cannot find any way to set name of the user without looping trough all users.

I would say an easy enhancement to the api would be the following:

  • Add name to the note.user object when creating a note
  • Extend GET users with query-parameters for external_id and email allowing PATCH /user/{id} to be used as an alternative


4 replies

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Hi @urytrbyni.

We support the following fields with notes API:

  • Title — note description
  • Content — note description
  • Customer email — a unique identifier for attributing the note to the right user
  • Display URL — URL that is linked to from the note’s title
  • Source — for identifying where the note came from
  • Tags — for categorizing the note

And thank you for your feedback! I’m passing it on to our product team.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have further questions.



Does this mean there is no known workaround to set the user’s name? 

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Hi @urytrbyni, I just followed up with our team again. You can’t set the user’s name when creating a note using the Custom Fields API. However, we do have a Users API, so if you create a note via our Notes API and add a user to the note with their email and/or ID, you could then run a request against our User API, loop through the Users, and find the specific user based on email/ID. You can then update the user with the name that you want. 

Definitely a workaround but technically still possible!


Looping trough 20k users for each note isn’t actually something we would do :) Hoping the api will be enhanced soon