How can I associate multiple timelines to a feature?

  • 30 May 2022
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I would like to associate 2 different timelines to a feature so that I can have 2 roadmaps as follows:

  • A roadmap that is shared with all stakeholders where the start date shows when the feature has started analysis and the end date when it will be available for customers.
  • A roadmap that is shared with the tech team where the start and end dates show when developers have started and will end their implementation.

The second roadmap/plan is used with the tech team to plan work and prioritise, while the first one is used to communicate start and delivery dates of features (in general - not just dev work).


For example:

Feature X will be ready from dev in June, however due to testing and release schedules, the feature will be available to customers in August.

  • In the stakeholder roadmap, I would like to show August as the end of the feature
  • In the dev roadmap, I would like to see June as the end of the feature and devs can work on something else in July and August.

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You can only have one timeline (specific or high-level) on a feature, but you can use timelines and releases to achieve something similar.

Your first roadmap for stakeholders you can use a timeline. For the one for your devs, you can use one or more releases.

Typically rather than there being a dev specific roadmap, teams integrate with JIRA or ADO and simply monitor progress of the work