Filter features by user/team that logged the note

  • 31 January 2023
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Is there a way to filter a feature board or roadmap for features with insights created by a specific user (or team)? 

I am trying to increase the Productboard engagement of our Sales team and want to show them the features that have been created/delivered using their insights. 

Open to other ways to communicate “here’s all the good stuff we did with your input”


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@ccarney you cannot filter on the features board or roadmaps for who “created” an insight. You can however search by the users or companies those insights are tied to (e.g. can’t search for insights created by Bob in Sales, but can search for “Reed Hastings” in Users or “Netflix” in Companies). Ideally all your insights should be tied to the users and companies that provided the insights.

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@ccarney, you can use insights export to get the data you need. Basically, you will get combination of features and insights with name of note creator. More information here -

Your use case makes sense and would like to support such and similar use cases in the future via filtering. If you have other use cases that are currently not supported, please submit them here -

Thank you very much!

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Thanks @scott.baldwin and @miro_remias. I just was thinking that the features & notes extract had the note creator in it..will give that a try!