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  • 11 July 2022
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I understand that as of today still there is no way to export content?

I’m assuming this might be a lock-in strategy to keep users on Productboard, but I hope that I’m wrong.

I’m leading product for an open-source company and we would like to share our roadmap with our community - this cannot be done by inviting our 1000s of people community to join PB :/ 

Hoping for a practical answer here :)


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Hi Omer,

Not quite clear if you are looking to export or to share a roadmap, so I’ll answer both questions.

From an export standpoint, your data is readily available to export and can this can be done anytime via CSV.

On the roadmap side of things, typically people share their roadmap by using the portal. For example, here’s our Productboard portal:

This allows you to both share your plans as well as continue to validate ideas and keep others informed as you move forward with roadmap items. Depending on the audience, there are options to embed your portal or to customize the portal to have different portals for different audiences.

Depending on your needs and audience we also have options to share your roadmaps (in Labs) and also export options to PNG or PDF.

p.s. I’ve removed the link to your internal Notion from your post and would advise not to share internal or confidential information in this forum.


Is there an option to share / embed the feature list?


Because I only see a share through PB option:

This is what I need right now - thanks.


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@Omer Ben-Ami there is not an option to share/embed the entirety of a features board. That said, unclear why you'd want to do that with an entire customer base. Product teams would want to curate the they are focussed on and considering, not share a backlog of potential needs/problems.

Perhaps you can elaborate on your use case here?