Does anyone have any experience in using personas with Productboard?

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi All,

One of the things we are struggling with is mapping the different personas using our product… We want to be able to create these personas and somehow represent them in PB so we can map each feature to the persona it serves… The closest i’ve seen are the ‘segments’ but i’m not sure that’s the right approach.

5 replies

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I don’t think a segment is the right approach as the 

The only ‘hack’ I can think of quickly would be to create a “Personas” Company and then a user for each persona within this company. This also has limitations as insights can’t be linked to multiples users, but every other work around I see is similarly flawed.

To directly answer your question, we’re not storing Personas in PB at this time.

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Hi @Yariv Zur a few questions:

  1. Do you have personas today?
  2. Are these user personas or buyer personas or both?
  3. Would there be potentially many personas per feature?
  4. When you say you want to “map each feature to the persona it serves” what do you mean exactly for you? Just saying it would potentially address the needs of this persona?

Some thoughts:

  • Personas could be a good first pass to help inform the team, but the assessment there may be subjective vs. objective and could require a lot of maintenance
  • Generally dynamic segments are likely to be richer in real-time data (like revenue, industry, etc.) than personas which are a representation of a group of users and act more as shorthand for the full set of attributes, desires, and behaviors that need to be considered.

You could use manual segments to track your personas. The description of each segment could contain the persona details and you could indicate the level of importance to that segment. Here’s a quick example:

In this model, you could add different ones for each persona, then rate each feature on the importance, then use that to filter to find things important to a particular segment.


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This is a really creative solution @scott.baldwin - thanks for sharing! @Yariv Zur thanks for circulating this topic, our team asked me to think through how to represent buyer/user personas in Productboard as well. 

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@Hannah ODonnell can you share a bit more about what your team is trying to accomplish specifically? Where do they want to represent them? How do they want to use this in the context of their work in Productboard?

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This reason behind the ask is mostly to make our GTM counterparts’ lives easier by being able to quickly filter by user/buyer persona without having to open up each feature to find that information.