Deeper Discovery from Insights

  • 22 August 2022
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We are really loving the Insights feature :-) We are currently getting about 250 Insights created a month, mostly from our portals, and we are looking to grow this. There are lots of cases where we want to chat to the user who left the insight more to better understand their context, and we can contact them through email, however this isn’t a particularly scalable experience as we have to extract the email address, contact them privately and then update the insight.

We also see an opportunity to use these contacts for other discovery topics but again we need to contact the user by email to ask if they would be interested in helping us. I’d also like their explicit permission to do this to be in line with GDPR. At the moment I’m thinking of manually gathering the emails from insights each week and sending them a Google Form to ask if they would be willing to collaborate on discovery in the future but this is not at all scalable. Do you have any suggestions that could help with this challenge!



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Hi @tomato,

Thanks for the question! If bulk of your notes come in as votes via Portal, you can leverage Portal card updates to bulk email users who voted for a portal card or even all users with linked insights. You can pop a google form in so people can sign up with their detail. When you stop recruiting, you just close the form out. See an example here (this contain a closed form). This way you can collect survey responses or just contact + segmentation details and continue with the logistics over email.

Alternatively, if you don’t have specific segment in mind, you can allow people to book a call directly via Calendly. See an example here

The legal lingo we provide on Portal (during verification of user’s email) is GDPR compliant but if you want to be triple sure you add some language to the form / portal card or even ask our technical support to upload a custom privacy policy on your Portal. 

Hope this helps!