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  • 9 August 2022
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I’m on a Enterprise plan. - Can’t seem to locate, where I’m adding custom fields to Products, Features, Subfeatures. - I see a default ‘Member’-field called Designer on a Feature - How do I create additional fields of this type, and are there other field-types available? (URL, text, numbers, dropdown, etc)

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5 replies

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Hi @bildestravito, check out this article on how to add custom fields to your boards. Let me know if it’s helpful and feel free to reach out again if needed :) 


Thanks Dottie. - If I understand correctly: Fields are not associated to a specific entity (features, component, sub.feature etc.)!?


How to I add the ‘Member’-field on Company level (e.g Customer Success Manager).. - And how does filtering works on Company-level fields in the Features board?

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@bildestravito custom fields are universal and not tied to a specific entity. You’d typically be making custom fields available on a particular features board view. Some can be used as well to filter on the roadmaps view). For filtering, hover over the column to select the filter. These are AND not OR.

You cannot add a member field to a company, however with segmentation you can add company specific fields which may include something such as a CSM and sync those directly from Salesforce. Those type of custom fields are only text or number if manually entered.


Thanks for clarifying Scott.

Any plans on doing the same sync-magic of company fields with Hubspot in the near future?


Best, Steffen

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@bildestravito nothing currently planned, but feel free to share your needs on our Productboard portal or via this portal card on other integrations.