Can I randomize the features on my product portal?

  • 20 September 2022
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First, I absolutely LOVE the product portal to gain customer insight. This is one of the main reasons I am using Productboard. 

I would like to know if it is possible to randomize the way in which my features appear within the product portal. Many customers are naturally drawn to the top-left, as that is how we read and innately review web content. 

In order to reduce unconscious bias, I would like have the ability to have the features introduced within the portal be randomized by visitor. The hope is to gain a more equitable view of all features and not have the top row or top few features on the left be most reviewed/rated. 



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5 replies

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Hi @Force_by_Mojio thanks for taking the time to share your love of portal and the awesome question.

Today, you and your team establish the structure of the portal -- the tabs, sections and content. We have nothing that randomizes the items shown.

I know you mentioned wanting to remove bias and I’m happy to share your feedback with our team, but curious also as to why you might be organizing your portal with the most reviewed/rated at the top.

  • Could there be ways to eliminate that bias directly on your end or opportunities to elevate things you’re looking for feedback on when building out your portal pages?
  • How were you envisioning this experience working -- at the feature level within a section? At the section level within a tab? At the tab level?

Hi @scott.baldwin, thanks for the response. I actually just lunched our Productboard portal on Thursday last week. I had originally arranged the features on the board based on what is currently in development, followed by what I understood to be most important to our product. 

So, in turn, I have contributed to the bias. 

At this time, I am limiting my portal to a single page in the hope that our customers will see all of the roadmap features without clicking off to another page which will increase fall off. 

Perhaps I can submit the randomization feature for the portal as a feature request. 

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@Force_by_Mojio thanks for the additional context. I’ve already captured the idea and shared with our team, but wanted to better understand how you might see this working from an experience standpoint. Just add that below as a reply and I can share with them.


@scott.baldwin , from an experience, on the portal section under settings for the board, or the share settings, I thing there could be an on/off toggle to randomize feature ideas added to the public portal. 

Then, when sharing publicly, the public viewers would see the order of features in a random order. 


Either on this settings section


Or on this settings section


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Thanks @Force_by_Mojio passed along to our team.