Can customer facing portal be used internally?


In a company with 1000+ employees it is challenging to train Productboard with all features, especially if the main use case is collecting feedback and ideas from the internal users. 

The Portal answers this need well, being able to share the themes and features that we are focusing the R&D on. However the look and feel of Productboard from a contributor perspective is overwhelming, as all insights, features, roadmaps and portals are available… 

So the challenge is:

  • Using internal Portal exposes the users to a lot of clutter and noice
  • Using customer facing portal internally requires writing and confirming email when adding data on the cards (even though the user is logged into Productboard).
    • Customer facing portal also doesn’t allow for adding the customer to the insights (naturally)
  • Adding new ideas from Portal doesn’t allow usage of Templates 

Every time I have to explain how to add feedback or insights to Productboard to internal users I feel a little sting in my heart, because I know there is a clear, intuitive and easy-to-use UI for this: The customer facing portal. It would even be fine with not being able to add the customer information (just like the Chrome plugin). So hence the question:

Is there any possibility to use the customer facing portal for internal contributor users?



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Portal can be used internally. 

I do want to dive into your comments though about contributors being overwhelmed. That feels more like an issue of your team not creating relevant views for contributors on the Features board and Roadmap. I would spend some time there setting those up and adjusting view permissions first to get them relevant details. Then look at portal. 


@scott.baldwin I feel like the question wasn’t really answered yet. I am well aware that the Portal as such can be used internally...

I could refine it a little: Can the customer facing portal UI be used internally by contributors and how?

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@Svante Häggblom 

From the backend, the portal UI will allow contributors to add new insights, but that is all they can do. Example below:

From the front-end, the portal UI will behave the same way it does for your external customers. They can view portal cards, select how important something is, and share their qualitative input.

In the portal sharing settings you can determine who sees this (e.g. hidden, workspace members, private link, or public)