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  • 1 January 2023
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Hi All,

We are trying to re-arrange our Productboard content due to recent Product reorg, due to such, we need to delete old objectives, tasks, drivers, etc. Is there a way to bulk archive/delete them instead of doing it one by one?

In addition we are trying to restructured the feature organization board, move what was previously set as  a Product or component under a newly set Products, currently there is no option for drug&drop, only archiving (for components onwards ), which is not our option of choice , since we can’t save the insights or notes and can’t access the feature themselves for review

Appreciate any best practice suggestion


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@Merav Amir Cohen for objectives, tasks and drivers this would be one by one. 

When moving items such as components, you can convert them to Features (if that’s how you’re using them going forward) or via the insights tab within a feature you can bulk select insights and reassign the linked insights to a new feature or other entity on the features board.



@scott.baldwin is there an option to archive a Product?

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@Merav Amir Cohen there is not a way to archive a product.

What I might suggest is changing the permissions for the product. You can open the product, select the icon, then change the permissions to restricted and only add those that need access to the product still (if you are the admin on your space you will still have access).


Change access permissions