Bulk assignment of insight to one feature?

  • 29 July 2022
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I just imported 100 insight with the CSV Import. I would like to assign all 100 insight to one feature. 
It seems that I have to do it manually one by one. 
As we are just onboarding to Productboard and that I have to move all my insight from my previous tool, I have more than a 1 000 insight to move and reassign manually… it is really annoying. 
Seems that may be Automation route could do a trick if routing all new insight to a fake feature call inbox (then mass migrating those insight to the proper feature), but it is not allow for all package? Could you at least unlock it for a month when a new company sign to your tool to make the migration easier? 

6 replies


What about Bulk assign from the inbox? I cannot move several insight to a single feature if those insight have not be assign to a feature previously. So I need to manually assign it one by one… really time consuming.

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Hi @Mathias, right now it is not possible to bulk assign multiple notes to a single feature with Automation. Thanks for writing in, and I am going to submit your feedback with our team! Please feel free to private message me if you need anything else.


Thanks for the reply. Realistically, how long before this could be implemented in Productboard? Because we just migrate to Productboard and I have to manually assign around 1 000 insights… that’s just not possible… 

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Hi @Mathias. As of now we don’t have an exact date, but you can follow the Productboard Portal to see what’s under consideration, what’s launched, and what’s coming next.

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Hi @Mathias, I just went through a similar same experience.

Previously we had been using a Trello board to collect user feedback when we started to migrate the features and insights to Productboard I had originally been creating a unique insight per person (even if the wording was all the same), using whatever identifier I had for each person (not necessarily a validate email address) and then manually linking each insight to a feature card.

Because we could not capture valid email addresses and the users were basically voting +1 for a feature there was no value in associating the person to the card because we could not message using the information we had collected.

So we added two new fields:

  1. A numeric field called “External Votes” - where we manually entered the value equal to the total votes on the Trello feature
  2. A formula field called “Total User Impact Score” - where we summed the values from User Impact Score + External Votes

This is just an idea of what we did to circumvent the manual effort, but would not work if there is value in each unique user insight and email address. If there is value (email/insight) what we did was in each imported insight we added a unique searchable reference back to a specific feature (in the insight description) then created a collection query which returned just the insights for that specific feature.

  1. content contains ‘xyz’
  2. status is unprocessed
  3. importance is either (unknown, not important, notes without insights)
    1. This last one is incase you are moving faster than the system can track
  4. Then watched tv and linked each insight to the appropriate feature in buckets - the largest had 545 insights associated to it.

We also understand that users might be scored twice on a feature but that’s a risk we are willing to take.


Good luck!



Hi @Leah Picone 

Thanks for the feedback and idea ! it s actually a great tip that I ll try to apply. I like the “sum function” way of doing it. 
In my case, I do have the enterprise ID of the insight which is linked to the enterprise account in Productboard, so I guess I ll be loosing that… I will probably copy past the list of voters in the comment of the insight… again a lot of manual work and loosing the aspect of Companies account in Productboard but still better than create one insight per one company.