Additional Slack/Zapier integration setup

  • 22 November 2022
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Hey fellow product people!

I set up the integration  Slack >> Google Sheets >> Zapier >> Productboard, as detailed in this Productboard Academy video: Automating the Slack integration

There are additional actions the contributors need to perform (add their self as the owner of the insight, adding other team members as followers) that, to my knowledge, cannot be accomplished through integration.

Without that capability, contributors have expressed a need to receive the link to their newly created insight, does anyone know how I can do that? 

I’m currently using a free Zapier account, in case that makes a difference. 

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Ashley! Glad to hear you found the Slack automation video useful 😁


You’re right that there’s no good way to assign ownership or follow-ship of notes via Slack automation.

If you need the person who fills out the form to manage those themselves, easiest way is to include a link to the features board in the followup message that the Workflow posts as a response to someone submitting a form (1:50” in the video). 

For extra precision, you could have the link point directly to a note view you set up on the insights board which is configured to only show notes from the Slack automation. That way it’ll be really easy to locate the note. Here’s how you build note views and here’s an image of what I mean:

There’s no “copy link to note view” button, so you’ll have to copy/paste the url itself from your address bar. This should work as long as the person clicking the link is already a member in your workspace. 

Also important to note that the Zap usually takes between 2-3 minutes to deposit the note into Productboard, so there’s a bit of a waiting period between clicking submit in Slack and adjusting the ownership and followers in Productboard. Insights Automation, an Enterprise plan feature, might be useful here for assigning ownership automatically. 


You say that your contributors need to assign themselves as the owner of the notes they submit through Slack. Why is that? Usually the owner of a note will be the product manager responsible for the feature or area the feedback is related to, and that action is performed by someone in product while they’re triaging notes.