Absence of standard numeric field in the feature details

  • 15 January 2023
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Hi community,


Just curious, why are default numeric fields like Reach, Impact, Confidence:

absent in the feature details?

No Reach, Impact, Confidence fields in the feature details



Best answer by scott.baldwin 15 January 2023, 18:31

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6 replies

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Those three fields are part of our standard Misc. fields and don’t appear in the feature detail. If you need them to appear I would suggest creating custom number fields for each and using those rather than the Misc fields, then you’ll find them under the # Numbers section in the fields.

Can you tell me a bit more about why were you want to see those in the feature detail?

@Claus perhaps can share some more light on why those Misc. fields don’t appear in feature detail specifically?



Thanks @scott.baldwin.

Can you tell me a bit more about why were you want to see those in the feature detail?​​​​​​

  1. I create feature
  2. Add all details, including Reach, Impact Confidence

For me it sounds more logical.



  1. I create feature
  2. Add feature details
  3. Add RIC columns through Misc
  4. Add values


  1. More steps to achieve my goal
  2. Less convenient




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Thanks for sharing the additional insights, will pass those along to the team.

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Hi @Oleksandr Musatkin , 

Thanks for reaching out. 

These three fields are currently part of the RICE score template. The plan is to turn these three misc fields into custom number fields. As Scott mentions, you can create custom number fields instead and replace the misc fields in the RICE score.


Best regards, 



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So we should not be using the misc. fields since you are planning on removing these?

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Hi @andyjohansson, they will not be removed, but just moved to custom number fields.