What's the best platform to build an nurture your community?


Hello everyone, I’m new to product (have worked in marketing for many years) and am on the hunt for a tried, tested and recommended platform to build and nurture our community. The systems we are currently using a disjointed and are just not working for us as we scale. I want something that incorporates forums, help, insights and courses all in one place. 

A simple Google search returns things like:

  • OpenSocial
  • Circle
  • Honeycommb

But we all know that’s just SEO doing it’s job. I want to know peoples experience using a platform and ideally, have recommendations.


I very much appreciate any guidance you can give :) 

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Hi @AnnieLal! Finding the perfect community platform is difficult and it helps to decide which feature is most important to you and then prioritize that feature (courses, forums, etc..) when weighing your options. Which feature is most important to your organization? Have you checked out https://www.mightynetworks.com/? They have a great community platform for conversations, although it’s not the best option if you have a great deal of course content. 


Hi @michelle.fifis thanks for this! I have looked at mightynetworks and they are in the running. I think this is where my problem lies, we want a brilliant forum for discussions and product updates, one that facilitates our courses well, and one that we can (possibly) run our events through - integrated with Zoom or the likes. I can read all the websites about why each platform is great and short of doing 5 different 14-day trials, I’d just love to hear from people why they use what they use. Advocacy and testimonial for the win!

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@AnnieLal I’d argue that there’s no platform that does that all within itself. Our platform here at Product Makers is, inSided, offers discussions, product updates, integrates with event platforms and integrates with our course platform, Skilljar. Others will have pieces of all that, but none all of them. The folks at Orbit put together a community tools index that you may find helpful for locating options.