User tracking for SaaS products

  • 1 November 2022
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Hi Productmakers

I am currently searching for a new tool to analyse our saas product users behaviour. Currently we have matomo set up but it seems realy focused on marketing and SEO instead of delivering meaningful data for product decisions.

Does anyone of you have any experience with these Tools like Matomo, PostHoc, Amplitude etc.?

I am currently keeping an eye on PostHoc since it has the ability to self-host which is a real deal for our customers.


Happy to get some of your feedback. Thank you in advande

Kind regards


4 replies


I have great experience using Pendo for this. Never used Amplitude but would look into them as well if budget allows.

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I highly recommend Amplitude. It’s a very mature solution and they are well backed for future innovation.

I’ve heard good things about Heap but haven’t had an opportunity to implement it yet.

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We’re big Amplitude fans here at Productboard and we also have a great integration with them that allows you to combine behavioural data with customer feedback so you can make better decisions on what to build next.

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I neglected to mention FullStory. It’s Heap-like in terms of the auto-tagging focus. I had a demo with them two or three years ago and I was really impressed, even though it wasn’t the right time for that product.