Three things every PM should know?

  • 24 November 2021
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If you were to teach or mentor someone looking to work in product management, what would be the first three things concepts you’d work on with them and why?

I keep coming back to:

  1. The value of talking to customers and doing ongoing customer discovery. To me it’s super important to shape an understanding of the problems, needs, and pains of customers.
  2. The importance of prioritization. Especially with a focus on outcomes, not outputs, and how to choose. 
  3. How to effectively execute. The importance of collaboration, constant learning and adjustment, and being able to tell the story of your product.

What would be in your list?

3 replies

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Agree 100% with this, with emphasis on the first one: discovery. 
It is the one I am missing out on the most, and my biggest trap at the moment. 

My 2 cents: 

  • Outcome over output
  • Discovery over delivery
  • Prioritization (choice of an objective framework eg. RICE, with insights and data)
  • Vision / Strategy! If this is not clear on business and product level, all other things have no point of reference. So this last one is really important in my opinion. 

I know, that’s 4 :sweat_smile:

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Great list, here is mine:

1- Your idea is a hypothesis that can be either validated or nullified without reflecting on you

2- Asking the right questions > having the right answers to bad questions

3- Don't optimize bad solutions, change the solution

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I love that you added, “without reflecting on you” to #1. This is such a difficult lesson to learn. 

I am so curious to hear about your experiences with #2, “Asking the right questions > having the right answers to bad questions.” How would you mentor someone on coming up with the right questions? Do you have a thought process to discovering these questions?

Thanks for adding your thoughts, @Adam Saad!