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  • 8 November 2022
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Hoping to get some thinking help on this topic from you amazing product people. My manager wants me to find out if/how we can sell our IP to larger competitors or to other systems that could better/improve their offering with our software. Where do I start? What questions should I be asking and to who? What information will those big players be looking for if I approach them?

I really appreciate any support on this. Thank you :)  

2 replies

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If you haven’t already, the first order of business is getting an IP attorney involved before going out to the market. In an IP sale model, it’s easy to screw things up without even realizing it.

Based on my experience and with zero knowledge of what you’re actually selling …
Next I’d start carving the product up into subscribable APIs. I’m sure you have feedback in your repository right now describing functions in your product stack are hugely valuable. And if you read between the lines, you might find that there are interesting ways the output of the functions could be integrated into existing systems or workflows. Describe those jobs to be done, prototype a way to deliver the solution, and go try it out with some prospects or existing clients. 

What I like about the API approach is that you identify the IP that resonates the most. In the end, you may assemble a string of those APIs into one licensable IP. On the other hand, you may find that you like the API market and just sell the value that way. It’s a nice way to experiment. Assuming it works for your product.


Thank you @plainclothes! This is very helpful.