Products that evolve human behaviour?

  • 19 June 2022
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😱 What other products (or training) have you come across that are working towards improving the connection between humans and technology?

🎭Gamification has long been touted as strong human-behavior modification, but not how to gamify.

🔥Absolutely loved this 15 minute video by Rahul Vohra and wanted to to know if this was of interest to other product managers or just a hopeful unintended result that wasn’t really being directly pursued.

🌈 What if our products could actually be more FUN to use...


3 replies

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Seriously, really feel this is on a completely different path then most product development teams, and in a good way!

At the end of his chat on the podcast he again reiterates, the difference in development may rest in focusing on how users feel, not trying to simply guess what they want or need.  There are so many productivity tools that completely miss this point…


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Wow, this is great content! Thanks for sharing this gold.

It is very relevant for the product my team is building - a tool for receptionists in medical facilities to handle phone traffic more easily with inbox-zero approach (call back on time, talk to patients, snooze, on to the next one).

I have to dig deeper on the topic 😎

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This is a cool video and although it sounds really challenging to do, I like many of the concepts. Thank you for sharing!