Please share your experiences working with marketers :)

  • 15 April 2022
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Hi Product Makers! 

I’m Jo, an academic researcher studying product design from Australia. I’m excited to meet all of you! 
Could you share your experiences of working with marketers? When do you usually work together? How do you exchange information and opinions with them? 

Much appreciated! 😊


3 replies

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Hi @JoW! I would love to hear more about your research! Are you referring to internal marketing teams?

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Hi Jow, 

I have experience working with Marketers in differents stages of the product cycle:

  • Product Strategy: Definition of the GTM strategy
  • Design & Development: Working on the communication plan, user segments, metrics that matter, among others.
  • Growth & optimization: Keeping an eye on the metrics to create new strategies to increase our product activation and engagement.

As a conclusion, as product - led vision, you work through the product cycle with marketing, among other areas of the company.

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Hi Jow, 

We have a dedicated Product Marketing team that is a sub-team of our marketing team. As such they working within the marketing processes/budgets which can cause some friction from time to time. But that is trumped by the overall benefit of having dedicated resources that can co-create and execute any GTM strategy. Along with the points that Michel mentioned our Product Marketers are also involved with: 

  • Pricing/Monetization (as part of the GTM strategy) 
  • Content production management 

Product Marketers are usually the ones that take the initiative of involving the commercial teams in any decisions that impact pricing since those impact their incentives.

Hope this helps.