New Video Series! The Dangerous Animals of Product Management 🦓

  • 17 June 2021
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We just launched “The Dangerous Animals of Product Management”, a video series about managing challenging product management stakeholders.

🐺 WoLF: Works on Latest Fire
🦏 RHiNO: Really High-value New Opportunity
🦛 HiPPO: Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
🦓 ZEbRA: Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant
🐦 Seagull Manager: Swoops in, causes a ruckus, then swoops out again

In a series of six episodes, we give you the full scoop on each dangerous animal. You’ll learn the skills you need to manage these stakeholders and gain the confidence to stay true to your product strategy.

Check out a preview below, and binge the whole series at 👉 



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