How do you align your CS & Product teams?

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Following up on the event yesterday; What methods and techniques does your CS use to keep the PM team aware? what is working for you and what is not?

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Hi Hasso, in my previous job I had a lot of communication with CS to get update of the feedback from users. We had different touchpoints channels as:

  • CS committee: Once or twice a month we met to analyze changes on the behavior of customers according with the platform and the new features we deployed.
  • Data:I had access to CS dashboard where we gather insightful data to keep our testing and continuous discovery running.
  • User Research: Twice a month we met with a group of users to analyze actual adoption and/or test new opportunities.

This way of working start getting good attraction and results.

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@Hasso At Channable we host SME-groups to connect Product with both sales and CS teams. We keep these meetings pragmatic by clearing out the feedback inbox in Productboard together (which are triaged by domain). Every domain in our tool has an SME group assigned to it so that we have all our bases covered. Obviously all the group members are more than welcome to bring in their own feedback to the sessions. 


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For our customer facing data scientists, we have a constantly available slack workflow called “voice-of-the-user.” When they submit user feedback, they are asked to identify the company, the relevant product area, and other tags to help with some triaging automation when the note reaches Productboard. 


The only issue here is that we sometimes hear from CFDS that it can feel like “shouting into the void,” but that’s mainly a result of our less-than-rigorous notes processing in the past.