Have you ever talked about career paths?

  • 10 February 2023
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Hey everyone, I want to share with you this short video about how I have created the career path for my team. 


What have you done as a leader to create a clear career path for your team?

4 replies

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Thanks for breaking this down @Michel Hauzeur ! Our company is working on a career path plan but great to see how others are doing it. What would you say was your biggest challenge in differentiating the skill and knowledge for each role level?

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Hi @Parveen Downer, thanks for your comment!

I think the most challenging part is to identify what additional responsabilities you can adopt when you are growing from senority to senority. As an example: When I talked about product orientation, I imagine that you as a Jr PM you will start working in a single feature, but when you are getting more experience, you will start leading an end to end user experience, then a product, and then you will be leading a team and doing some mentorships programs.

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Thanks for the video @Michel Hauzeur 

I am thinking about the structure I need for my team as we scale from a team of 3.

Currently my team consists of 2 Business Analysts and 1 PM.

There seem to be so much variation on the role and responsibilities of a PM when you review job adverts - I wondered what the difference in a PM Junior is compared to a PM Semi Senior within your organisation ?

Also, are you able to share the templates ?

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Hi @JeannetteC,

Thanks for your comment.

First, the link to the Miroboard is: https://miro.com/miroverse/career-path-template-for-leaders/?social=copy-link

Second, the answer to your question is, depends on you. As an example I have defined the difference in management as: junior PM is able to talk with stakeholders with the Coach, Leader of a more senior PM as a support rather than a PM Semi Senior, who can directly talk without any support.