Featured Maker: Olumide Durotoluwa

  • 25 January 2023
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Featured Maker: Olumide Durotoluwa
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This is part of our ongoing series profiling some of our community members at Product Makers. If you’re interested in reading others, check out our previous Featured Makers.

This time we’re featuring @Olummy25 who’s a Product Manager at Stears in Lagos, Nigeria. In this conversation we chatted about his journey into product and what he’s working on, product in Nigeria and some of the challenges and misconceptions about people and products on the continent of Africa.

p.s. Thought we’d shake it up a bit and switch to a different format for this one shifting from a text-based interview to a longer-form video conversation. Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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1 reply


Great to speak with you Scott. Thanks for your work in the community.