Do you share behavior analytics data with your customers?

  • 18 October 2022
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Hi everyone, 


A little bit of context: I work on a B2B SaaS product. Recently we have implemented Hotjar to track user’s behavior when navigating on the platform. 

One of our customers is putting pressure so that we share the data with them and regularly report on the data itself. 

My main questions are: 

  • Are you sharing data with customers? 
  • Have you ever faced this challenge of a customer pushing to get access to this data? 
    • If so, how have you addressed this challenge?

4 replies

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@ArthurFron I can’t think of any reason why you’d need to share data like this with a customer directly. Have they provided context as to why they want the data? Is the request specific to their users or all users? 


@scott.baldwin I have no more details for now, I am waiting for precisions from the client. Your last question is the point: we have implemented this to be generic and not specific, what we want is to capture general trends, not focus on a specific client. 


Hi Arthur,

I am also in B2B space, and we haven’t had request like that. I would dig into the “why” and maybe give them an example of the report that you are looking into (which wouldn’t reveal anything significant in case it leaks out), or have a short call explaining the processes surrounding data collection and analysis.

(I don’t know the full context so I can just speculate...)
It might be that they expect that the data collection refers to benchmarking and collecting the input values, rather than the “clicks” and changes in the database. We were once requested to exclude behavioral data from a customer because of this misunderstanding.
It also might be that they would like to get inspired by other product experts (depending on their internal expertise).
Or that they want to understand which user behavior serves as a trigger for emails or similar.

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I previously worked for a niche B2B SaaS product and often received requests for very detailed logging which came down to two main purposes for the requests.

1) They want to monitor their employees and will use this to make sure employees are doing their jobs.

2) They are having issues and want to use this to try and figure out the cause of the issue(s). Usually those issues were being caused by an employee who wouldn’t admit it.

I also agree with @MaMo - it may be related to security practices and compliance, especially if you work with sensitive data.